Queue Wireless Call Calling System 20pcs Pager/ 1pc Call Button Keypad (UPC: 799695352906)

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    It adopts RF wireless technology with millions of different learning codes. The system includes 999-channel call buttons keypad and portable buzzer and vibration receivers. The call button keypad has 20 battery charging slots. Each receiver is rechargeable and labeled with a number. In standby status, it is plugged into the charging slot, while the client places an order, client will be dispatched one receiver with a number, when the order is ready, press the keypad to call the number, the client will get it through the buzzer/vibration/LED indications.

    - 999 channels keypad call buttons
    - 20 batteries charging slots
    - Portable rechargeable vibration / buzzer receiver
    - Independent storage memory avoiding data lost
    - High receive sensitivity
    - Self testing while power on

    Technical data
    - Working voltage: DC3.7V (rechargeable battery)
    - Charging voltage: DC5V
    - Working frequency: 433.92MHz
    - Standby current: 10 +/- 5mA
    - Working current: 75 +/- 10mA (vibration), 100 +/- 20mA (vibration+buzzer)
    - Receive sensitivity: -107 +/- 2dBm
    - Battery capacity: 360mAh
    - Decoder: Learning code (AM)
    - Dimmension: 49*101*11mm
    Keypad call button:
    - Working voltage: DC5V/6A, power adapter
    - Working frequency: 433.92MHz
    - Standby current: 24 +/- 5mA
    - Encoder: Learning code (AM)
    - Dimmension: 150*300*33mm

    Package includes:
    - Call button keypad 1pc
    - Receiver 20pcs
    - Power adaptor 1pc
    - User manul 1pc

    - Effective Range: 1000 square meter indoors
    - Some of the pagers beep at the same time: Please delete pairing first and pair again

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